International Contract Manufacturing Corporation (ICMC) is a manufacturing company formed in the Philippines primarily for the purpose of providing contract manufacturing services for fast moving disposable non-woven products, specifically, baby diapers for both Philippine and International market.

We produce high quality open-type and pants-type disposable baby diapers using the finest raw materials available worldwide and the latest fully automated diaper making equipment.

We provide our private label customer with a facility that is capable of producing their products with strict adherence to their quality and design specifications at a cost that will afford them a comfortable margin, giving them room for competitive advantage in the industry.



International Contract Manufacturing Corporation shall strive to be one of the top-of-mind contract manufacturers, meeting our customer’s disposable personal care product requirements and exceeding their preferred service expectations.

ICMC shall strive to continually improve its level of quality and service to benefit its customers, employees and stakeholders.

ICMC commits to manufacture the highest quality goods at the most reasonable cost while ensuring cost and quality objectives of both the company and it’s customers are met.

ICMC commits to become a true partner to all our customers in providing, not just OEM services, but insights and business intelligence that can help them in creating products that put them at par with or even better than their competitors.

ICMC commits to its employees a fair and honest means of livelihood and a work environment that encourages dignity and pride in personal and professional sustainability.

ICMC commits to its shareholders continuous growth in the value of their investments.